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The best Athletes have to be student athletes, and that means training their minds in addition to their physical abilities.

Reasons your team should journal

  • Teaches self discipline

  • Goals are front and center

  • Identify challenges in their day to day training

  • Develop a vision for their success

10 minutes

or less per day


To help you succeed


To keep you on track

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Simple Pricing

Set it up once, order it for life. The only fees you pay are for setup. After that you can just pay per copy with discounted rates available for volume.


Custom Covers

Custom Daily Questions

Length Options

21 Weeks | Youth, HS, Training Centers

26 Weeks | College Teams

Journals in ACTION!

What coaches have to say

These journals did an excellent job in providing focus and opportunities to build confidence that helped our team grow this season.

- Josh Shelton, Parkview HS

The journals help our wrestlers crystalize their goals and then plan and react over the season. Excellence is a habit, and the journal establishes the habits.

- Patrick McHugh, Cambridge Youth Wrestling

Wrestling journaling is a powerful tool for coaches to track progress, analyze patterns, and set goals for their athletes. It provides valuable insights that fuel improvement and success on the mat.

- Omi Acosta, Life University

Let's make your teams journal